Religious landscapes of Egypt

16th-18th February 2017. Museum Rietberg/University of Zurich

Conference Programme

Keynote address

Franck Goddio

Temples of dynastic continuity in the Canopic region and Alexandria

Session 1

Anne-Sophie von Bomhard

The naos of Amun-Gereb: a new approach

Jocylene Berlandini-Keller

“Bès guerrier au naos d’Apis” dans le paysage théologique de Thônis: un sanctuaire en relation avec un Sérapéum

Sylvie Cauville

Haroéris de Létopolis et le Nil colossal de Canope

Veronique Laurent

Columns underwater. Papyrus-bundle columns. Professor Jean Yoyotte’s archive

François Ghiringhelli

L’ordre des nomes de Basse Égypte dans les listes géographiques

Session 2

John Baines

Delta landscapes and the cult of Osiris 

Joachim Quack

Depositing offerings in water in the Egyptian ritual tradition. What, where and when?

Andreas Effland

On the edge of the Netherworld: the ritual landscape of Osiris in Abydos

Session 3

Stefan Pfeiffer

“Alexandria ad Aegyptum, Alexandria in Aegypto”: the cultural heritage of the pharaohs in a Hellenistic metropolis

Daniel von Recklinghausen

Hieroglyphic sources for Egyptian religious practice in the western Delta region during the Greco-Roman period

Sanda Heinz/Elsbeth van der Wilt

Caches and foundation deposits in the Late and Ptolemaic periods

Session 4

Mark Smith

Tracing the demise of an Egyptian deity

Sabine Hübner

First Christians in Egypt

Kerry Muhlestein, Bethany Jensen and Kirsten South

Material markers of the conversion of Christianity in the Fayoum of Egypt

Rodney Ast

Religion on the frontier of Roman Egypt

Beat Näf

The Theban legion and the changing religious landscapes of Christian Europe

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