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Sherman the Shark and Thonis-Heracleion

Sherman, the eponymous comic-strip hero of Sherman’s Lagoon, takes a keen interest in the underwater excavations at Thonis-Heracleion:

Sherman’s Lagoon, drawn by Jim Toomey, is syndicated to over 250 newspapers in North America, including The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Fransciso Chronicle and Toronto Star. It also appears in more than 30 countries in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish.

BBC Five live Breakfast 07/06/2013 Interview with Franck Goddio

Sunken city gives up its treasure: The ancient Egyptian metropolis lost for 1,200 years below the Mediterranean
Mail Online, 06/06/2013, James Rush

City lost for 1,200 years gives up its treasures
The Times, 06/06/2013, p.35, Sheera Frenkel

Sunken city yields its treasures
The Australian (via The Times), 06/06/2013, Sheera Frenkel

Archaeologists discover ancient Egypt’s watery grave
BBC History Magazine, June issue, David Keys

The secret world of a city lost beneath the waves
The Sunday Telegraph, 28/04/2013, p.27, Richard Gray

Heracleion: Mapped for the first time, the real-life Atlantis: 3D map shows how Egyptian trade centre buried for 1,200 years would have looked
Mail Online, 28/04/2013, Sara Malm


Other accounts of the work of IEASM and OCMA:

New Light Shed On Ancient Egyptian Port and Ship Graveyard
Science Daily: 7 April 2013

Research sheds light on ancient Egyptian port and ship graveyard

Past Horizons 26/03/2013