South Cadbury Environs Project


Welcome to the South Cadbury Environs Project (SCEP) website. SCEP was established to put Leslie Alcock’s famous 1960s excavations at Cadbury Castle into a wider landscape context. Through the innovative large-scale use of geophysics, test-pitting and targeted excavation, we can show the ebb and flow of activity around the hillfort which also throws new light on our understanding of the hillfort itself. Here you will find details of the Project’s history, methodology and provisional results. Post-fieldwork analysis is on-going and it is hoped to have the final reports finished during 2010. Elements of these will eventually be incorporated into this website. Meanwhile more detailed descriptions and discussion can be found in Richard Tabor’s book Cadbury Castle: The Hillfort and Landscapes which provisional results are based on. Photographs and other images are the work of Richard Tabor unless otherwise stated.

Google Map Image of Cadbury Castle

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From SCEP’s inception in 1992, the South East Somerset Archaeological and Historical Society provided practical support, with assistance from the Universities of Glasgow and then Birmingham . SCEP has been funded by The Leverhulme Trust (2001-4, based at the University of Bristol ) and the Arts and Humanities Research Board/Council (2004-8, based at the University of Oxford ).

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