Jacobsthal Project - Database

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This database provides access to the archive of Paul Jacobsthal’s correspondence held at the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford. Further correspondence has recently been discovered in the archive of Martyn Jope, Jacobsthal’s research assistant between 1955 and 1957: these will be added to the database in the future.

The database has been created with generous help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Reva and David Logan Foundation.

Professor Paul Jacobsthal was born in Berlin in 1880. He became Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Marburg University, Germany until 1935, when he was deprived of his post on racial grounds. He fled to Oxford, where he found refuge, becoming a Fellow of Christ Church and university Reader in Celtic Archaeology . He remained active in building bridges between British and German archaeologists until his death in 1957.

We are grateful to all the volunteers who participated in the Jacobsthal Project and helped to catalogue the letters.

Principal Investigator: Professor Chris Gosden
Project Directors: Dr Sally Crawford and Dr Katharina Ulmschneider
Data entry: Pamela England, Marissa Kings

About the database

The database contains summary information on 1,680 letters. Paul Jacobsthal had an idiosyncratic filing system, collecting records (photographs, letters, notes etc) thematically, rather than chronologically, and we have maintained this arrangement. Letters may be identified by their Box number and associated Letter number. 

The database allows searches by name, place, date and subject. Most spellings have been standardised, but you may have to try alternative spellings where there may be other forms (eg torc, torque). Where a word has an umlaut, ‘e’ should be used to replace umlauts (so ‘Wuerzburg’ rather than ‘Würzburg’ or ‘Wurzburg’). Type accented words without the accent (‘la tene’ rather than ‘la tène’). The database is not case sensitive.

Copyright prevents us from putting the original content of many of the letters online, but if you wish to see or consult the original documents for research purposes, please contact the archivist at archivist@arch.ox.ac.uk including the Box number and Letter number of the item you wish to access.

In the ‘Contents’ box, Jacobsthal’s two works, Early Celtic Art (1944) and Celtic Art in the British Isles (published posthumously under Martyn Jope’s name in 2000) are always abbreviated to ‘ECA’ and ‘CABI’ respectively. Paul Jacobsthal’s name has also been abbreviated to ‘PJ‘ in the ‘Contents’ section only.

Please Note - This database is currently being trialled and is still in the process of being updated and improved.